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Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Health Benefits of Martial Arts


Martial arts are systems of codified practices of training for combat with the objective of defeating other person to defend yourself from physical threat. Besides this, they are practiced as competitive combat sports, such as kick boxing, karate and taekwondo, as well as dance forms in various parts of the world.

Learning martial arts can make the person physically strong and mentally sharp. One can defend himself from any kind of physical attack. They don’t just contribute towards a fit body, but facilitate a proper coordination between the mind, body, and soul. Owing to their holistic approach, they are very helpful when it comes to personal fitness.

Martial Arts and Our Health

Although the most important benefit of martial arts is self defense, their health benefits, ranging from muscle strengthening to stress release, are also worth taking a note of. Certain forms of martial arts, such as karate and kung fu, help in improving the cardiovascular health and toning body muscles. Other forms, such as Thai kick boxing for instance, help in improving body flexibility. The practice of calisthenic exercises, i.e., light exercises which promote general fitness, is an important aspect of martial arts. These exercises play an important role in improving overall stamina. The basic concept is proper utilization of strength and energy effectively, therefore practicing any form of martial arts is bound to bolster your energy levels.

Various researches have proved that people in their 40s who regularly practice any form of martial arts have higher levels of fitness than their counterparts who don’t exercise. These people also have a stronger immune system. It is believed that some forms of martial arts, such as the Tai Chi, grant anti-aging and other such health benefits to their practitioners. They don’t just improve strength, stamina, and flexibility, but also contribute to balance and coordination between the mind and body. Choreographed routines, known as the ‘katas’, form an important part of the discipline involved in martial arts. The hard style routines comprise aerobic and cardiovascular workout, while the soft style routines focus on flexibility of the body as well as balance and control.

Martial arts are known to improve spirituality and have positive effects on the mind, as its training involves great deal of concentration and self control. They can help you control your aggression and defeat your fear, thus making you experience internal peace and at the same time, boost your levels of confidence. Furthermore, this helps you to keep your stress levels under control and makes you feel energized throughout. All these benefits coming your way, directly or indirectly, improve your efficiency.