How to Measure a Table Tennis Table Dimensions

How to Measure a Table Tennis Table Dimensions

Although when people think of ping pong they have the image of the universal table tennis table dimensions in mind, the variety of the tables that you can find on the market nowadays is wider.
Whether you need to purchase a tennis table cover, you build a ping pong table and are making the last adjustments or you are starting to take the game more seriously and want to participate in competitions, you need to know the table dimensions. In order to measure the tennis table all you need is the actual ping pong table and a measurement tape.

Here is how you can measure the size of your tennis table:

1. When you are measuring the height of the table, simply extend the measurement tape from the floor where you placed the table to its corner. You need to repeat this for all four corners of the table and it is very important that the ping pong table is placed on a flat surface so that you do not get any interference when you want to find out your table tennis table dimensions.

2. If you are trying to find out if you have the correct width for your table, start from a corner and reach for the other one.

3. In order to measure the length you need to hook the end of the measuring tape at a corner and then extend it in a straight line to the parallel corner.

4. Besides the height, length and width another important aspect that you should check out is whether the playing surface is divided in two perfect halves. You can check if these table tennis table dimensions if you attach the measuring tape at one corner and afterwards run it down till the middle of the playing surface, which should be separated by the net.

However, if you consider that the classical tennis table dimensions are too big to be placed in any of the rooms you have in mind, you can opt for a smaller table. You can either order a table with the right dimensions for the room, build it yourself or make the adjustments on an already made table. What is important is that you have some space left around the table so you can move and take your shots properly.

When you choose the dimension of the tennis table, try to play a little on it before you buy it to check if you are feeling comfortable playing on that ping pong table.

If you are preparing for a competition, then you will also have to make sure that the space around the tennis table is large enough to allow you to take your shots properly without anything interfering.

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